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When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is one thing that most of the “super affiliates” have in common that separates them from the rest of the pack…

When it comes to product choice, each and every one knows how to pick a good product to sell. The key word here is “good product to sell”.

Never forget this: You can literally, destroy your entire business, along with your reputation by choosing the wrong affiliate offer. You need to make sure that the vendor/seller that you are promoting for is refutable and has a good track record.

Think about this for a sec: let’s say that you already have a few subscribers. They already trust you and have purchased from you in the past, thereby building up your reputation and your business…

Now just to make money, you go ahead and sell them a crappy product from a crappy, scamming vendor who doesn’t give either refunds or support. Trust me this happens A LOT in this business. How do you think your subscribers would respond to that?

Do you honestly think they’d still trust you…dream on. If they’re on your list then they’re on ten others. They will simply drop you, and move on to the next on their list.

And that is why you’ll want to do whatever you can to protect not only your business, but your reputation as well and it starts by promoting ONLY the best high quality, product offers from refutable vendors/sellers.

SO now, let’s get down to it.

Secret 1. (no-brainer) Review the product…duh. ( oh don’t be offended. I’ve been where you are with 100’s of “duh” moments )

Don’t let things like “every other affiliate is talking about the product and promoting it” effect your judgement. Who cares what they think. Some affiliates will sell horse shit disguised as an eBook to make a dollar.

“But they have this awesome sales page”. Anyone can make or buy a great looking sales page.

Bottom line:

You yourself need to review the product. Even if it means buying it. Don’t
recommend the product if you haven’t reviewed and/or used it first. I know when first starting out you can’t always buy it first. Boy do I know. That’s why a thorough review is in order here.

Remember your reputation and if the product actually turns out to be complete junk, they may never trust you again. It’s simply not worth it promoting a “big commission product” if it’s crap. Yeah, you’ll get a hefty profit today, but you can forget about selling anything else to that list…ever again.

Secret 2. Look at the Sales Page

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This one could actually fall under “review the product”, but you’d be surprised at how many people miss it and it’s that important.

Most vendors/sellers ( the good ones anyway) not only want to but try to please their affiliates. Then there are those product vendors who are as sneaky and unscrupulous as hell. You know the type of person who’d steal from their own mothers. You’ll definitely need to watch yourself.

If a vendor is willing to steal from you, the affiliate, just imagine how they’d treat your customers.

Here are the things you’ll want to check and look out for when checking out the sales page:

  • Look for ads to other products from links leading off the page, due to unnecessary page leaks.
  • Watch out. This one will steal your commissions: Alternative payment links on the order form. Now this could be another payment processor or phone number for telephone orders. Either way, you the affiliate don’t get any credit for the sale.
  • Hijacked commissions. Another big one to watch out for. The truly “scumbag” vendors who will actually “overwrite” YOUR affiliate link with their own.

Yeah, let that sink in for a minute… I’ll wait.

Make sure to go through the entire ordering process to make sure that you are getting credit for the sale. You can usually find this out by simply hitting the order button and see who the affiliate is.

Basically, look out for ANYTHING that could harm sales or “hijack” your commissions.

So now let’s see…The product looks great. The sales page looks fantastic!…

Time to promote?..Not quite folks. One more. Last but not least…

4- Research the product vendor.

Now you didn’t forget about these guys did you? Now you do your research on the product vendor. Remember, we want to make sure that he/she is not only going to treat you right, but your customers as well.

So how do I do that Al…you ask. Simple. How do you research anything online…

Drop his/her name into or whatever your favorite search engine is. See if there are any complaints. Look for a pattern of complaints. Look for ANYTHING that might suggest the vendor may try to rip off you or your customers. Do they have slow or crappy customer service/support? Do they honor their guarantee or refund policy? Do they pay their affiliates? Do they pay their affiliates slowly?

If you see even one tiny red flag…move on.

And now for the bottom line…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or advanced affiliate marketer. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to do affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, you literally will be attaching your reputation to that of both the product and the vendors, so you want to be sure that you are “hitching your wagon” to honest, good, reputable vendors and products.

Now I know that some of you are saying “Al, this all sounds like common sense to me”, but you’d be surprised at how many people overlook these steps. (I did) We simply want a faster way to do things when we’re building our business.

Well today for you that stops.

Don’t be one of those affiliates who wonder why they only sell one or two products a month if they’re lucky. Make sure that your business is set up the right way. The most profitable way, from the start.

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