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So what exactly is Internet Marketing?

If you’ve been online for ANY amount of time then chances are you’ve come across some form of Internet Marketing. You may have seen it called Online marketing. Affiliate marketing. Web Marketing. eMarketing. Digital Marketing. I Marketing or by some other name.

No matter what name you call it, in “laymans” terms, it’s simple definnition is marketing a product or service that a vendor or product creator offers for sale on the internet. This could be your product or someone else’s.

Internet marketing covers an extremely “broad” area of the subject since it includes multiple types of marketing such as Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, eMail marketing, Blog Marketing, Social Media Marketing, ect.

So how and why is internet marketing such a big advantage for lots of businesses?

Through the usage of internet marketing, various businesses have prospered because of the internet’s lower cost of advertisement and information dissemination. And because of it’s “interactive nature”, busineses have prospered from “instant responses” and the ability to get them as fast as possible.

Since it’s so relatively cheap, internet marketing has allowed many businesses to save more money trying to reach their target audience. The lower cost also allows businesses to pass the savings on by allowing the customer to now conduct their own research and eventually become paying customers.

With results coming faster, they are also more appealing to the customer now.

Lets look at Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is not much different than internet marketing. Some people call them the same, but there are differences. With affiliate marketing a business or vendor, will pay a commission for each customer or lead brought in by the affiliates marketing efforts or traffic. The commissions are usually cash, but can sometimes be gifts.

You will need to confirm which one it is before you start promoting the product.

The commissions are given for completion of an offer, site referral, or lead and usually involves four participants: The merchant/vendor. A network. A publisher (you the affiliate) and the customer. It’s really a simple process of using the affiliates website or blog, to send traffic to the vendors website of said product, thereby making a sale or lead.

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The biggest advantages of affiliate marketing (and my favorite)is the fact that you don’t need a product nor a website of your own to start. You just need to promote the vendors product or service.

Let me explain. You need a website with a link directing your visitors to the main paige of the vendors product. This is usually provided by the vendor. When someone that you sent to the main site makes a purchase or signs up (a lead), you the affiliate, get’s paid a commission or referral fee. Cool huh.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is another online marketing trick used by many marketers to market their product or service. With article marketing you write keyword focused articles related to their niche or market. You then post the articles to various article directories online with a link pointing back to the products site.

In my opinion, article marketing is a must do. If you’re not doing it now, then you need to start.

With article marketing you can generate leads that you can now market to. These articles should provide information and entertainment to online users. You should be giving your readers such an irresistible offer they can’t help but visit your website or signup to your list.

Now once you have their information, like I said, you can now market to them and form a prosperous relationship with them. This will get easier by writing articles that are helful and informative. Remember with article marketing the main purpose is to get people to your affiliate offers.

eMail Marketing

Regardless of what some might say, email marketing is not dead. Email marketing is and still remains one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Another caveat is it’s also one of the most “cost efficient” methods ( more bang for your buck) of promoting your business.

What a lot of people miss out on is how to do email marketing correctly.

So what is email marketing? It is one of the more direct methods of marketing as a means of communicating and building a strong, trusting relationship with your customers. It can turn “un-certain”, “tire-kickers” into paying customers. It also allows you to continue marketing to them with follow-up emails thereby making you more money.

With email marketing you can easily reach new customers and entice old customers into buying something at once.

And last but not least…

Blog Marketing

A lot of people have a blog, but only a few know how to do blog marketing. As it’s name sake suggest, blog marketing is accomplished using a “web blog” such as,, ect.

Most people wether using it personally or professionally, use it to get their particular message out to the masses, be they customers, friends, family, co-workers, ect. Businesses and organizations have been using blogs for years. As a marketer they are a GREAT way to get your product or service seen.

To be successful with blog marketing your blog needs to stand out from your competitors. You will need to post new content on it daily and create as much interaction within your blog as possible. Remember; you want people to come back to your blog, repeatedly. If someone comments on your blog, comment back to them.

By doing this you will get more views and gain more popularity with your blog. This means that other blogs will want to link to your blog bringing you more traffic and profits.

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